There are barriers to transport chains in the Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak area. The Value4Sea project will help remove or minimise them.

Project start: 01. Sep. 2023
Project end: 31. Aug. 2026
Project participants: Kenn Steger-Jensen

Slow and manually oriented customs handling and control, long process and waiting times in terminal areas due to a low degree of digitalisation, longer transport times and tight schedules resulting in increased fuel consumption. These are general barriers that exist in the transport chains of the EAC region. In addition, there is increased pressure to switch to more sustainable forms of energy and EU regulations in various areas that affect the operators’ activities in the transport chain.

The aim of the project is to find improvement opportunities in the transport chains and develop a sustainable port terminal concept based on autonomous transport units, achieving a high degree of digitalisation and dynamic traffic management to gates. The project will also develop a configurable carbon footprint concept model for transport chains and develop digital prototypes to integrate different systems and collect data containing customs and logistics information.

Value4Sea has gathered a range of actors in its activities with different types of competences to ensure anchored common solutions. Ports and companies contribute data and experience that will enable the development of common knowledge.

The knowledge relates to transport flows, infrastructure bottlenecks, transport supply shortages and customs challenges between southern Norway, western Sweden and Jutland. The project will also identify possible multimodal transport solutions between the countries that can help goods owners and carriers to improve the efficiency of the flow of goods between the three modes of transport and across national borders.

The project coordinates its efforts with the ongoing Green Jutland Corridor project, in order to exchange experiences and avoid overlaps.


Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge, Universitet i Stavanger, Emma Systems AS, Horten Havn, Asko Maritime AS, Moss Havn, Copenhagen Business School, Integrate A/S, Blue Water Shipping A/S, ColorLine AS, Vendelbo Spedition A/S, Wrist Ship Supply A/S, Agicon ApS, Safe Green Logistics, Hirtshals Havn, Emma Systems A/S, RISE, Göteborgs Hamn AB

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