CAPeX: Pioneer Center for Accelerating P2X Materials Discovery


CAPeX: Pioneer Center for Accelerating P2X Materials Discovery

CAPeX will develop and implement a new powerful Materials Acceleration Platform (MAP) for rapid development of materials and a closed-loop data infrastructure where new catalysts and other materials for power-to-X are discovered, synthesized and designed directly for their intended operating conditions.

Project start: 01. Jan. 2023
Project end: 01. Jan. 2036
Project participants: Tejs VeggeFrede Blaabjerg

CAPeX unites leading P2X experts from five Danish and three international universities in conducting fundamental strategic research and delivering transformative breakthroughs across scientific disciplines, methods, and sustainable and scalable materials discovery and development.

By building upon recent advances in complementary fields like computational materials design, operando characterization, and scalable materials synthesis, as well as autonomous robotics, digital twins, and machine learning, CAPeX will reinvent the ways we invent new sustainable materials for P2X.

CAPeX is run in a partnership between DTU and Aalborg University (AAU), and is located in a new interdisciplinary ‘Climate Challenge Laboratory’ at DTU, Kgs. Lyngby in Greater Copenhagen.

Further, a team of coPIs and key scientists consisting of leading Danish experts and future P2X leaders from DTU, AAU, University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, and the University of Southern Denmark will assist in the project management and supervision of PhD and postdoc projects.

More info on CAPeX here