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The future of Blue Economies

Matthew Spaniol

In this video, Matthew Spaniol (Aarhus University) presents the interim results from the Interreg vb North Sea PERISCOPE project, a foresight study that involved scanning the horizon from the bird’s nest to identify the innovations that will impact the blue economies in the future, and the accompanying forecasting results that timestamp when in the future the innovations are expected to become commercially available. The session was developed in collaboration with MARLOG.

April / 2021
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Fixtures in the container shipping chartering market

Agnieszka Nowinska and Hans-Joachim Schramm

In this video, Agnieszka Nowinska (Aalborg University Business School) and Hans-Joachim Schramm (Copenhagen Business School) talk about their research on chartering during the financial crisis in container shipping. The session has been developed in collaboration with MARLOG.

June / 2021
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