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The Climate Show

Beatriz Martinez Romera, Linnéa Nordlander, Alessandro Monti

This podcast features leading experts insights on current climate change research.

At The Climate Show, we talk to leading experts on climate change law and politics. Through a series of conversations, we explore current developments in climate change research.

Podcast hosts: Beatriz Martinez Romera, Linnéa Nordlander and Alessandro Monti.

The Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen / 2023
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Wind Propulsion Systems for Commercial Ships: Modelling, Design, and Cost Optimization

Vilanova, Martina Reche

In this podcast, Martina Reche Vilanova explains about her research on wind propulsion on commercial ships. Martina is an industrial PhD at DTU and North sails and part of the Maritime Research Alliance PhD network.

Hoisting the Sails Podcast, Wind Support NYC / 2022
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