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Autonomous Ships: A new paradigm for Norwegian shipping

Adrienne Mannov and Aske Svendsen

In this webinar, Adrienne Mannov from Aarhus University and Peter Aske Svendsen from NFA presented their research on autonomous shipping as this relates to seafaring and technology, based on their 2019 report, “Transport 2040: Autonomous ships: A new paradigm for Norwegian shipping - Technology and transformation”.

The event was organized in collaboration with MARLOG

October / 2021
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“The helm is lost!”: Reframing psychological matters in non-routine technologically mediated interaction in a maritime context

Froholdt, Lisa Loloma

The maritime industry is a dangerous and highly technologicallysaturated sector. Unfortunately, advancement in automation and technologyhave not minimised human error as intended. Interaction between humansand technology in the industry is also overtly pre-scripted. The main reasonfor this is to reduce human error by ensuring predictability in interaction.Ultimately, investigations of non-routine interaction are often based on a hind-sight view of what went wrong in a given situation. This article analyses acollection of non-routine interactions that derive from a larger data corpus,using Discursive Psychology and Conversation Analysis. It argues that such astudy can capture what is missing from some investigations, namely, whatmakes sense for crews in the context of a given non-routine situation. Despitethe constraints and the challenges of technological complexity, this articleargues that reframing psychological matters in non-routine technologicallymediated interaction can be a new way of showing how such matters aredynamic, visible and manageable. This can inform the general debate of howto minimise human error, and more specifically, provide insight into the increas-ing inclusion of technology and as a consequence, the equally increasingamount of technologically mediated interaction that we will see in the future.

Text & Talk, 39(2) / 2019
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