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Digital Ship Operations – Engine & Equipment Performance

AvendaƱo-Valencia, Luis David (Projektdeltager)Asimakopoulos, Ioannis (Projektdeltager)Rytter, Niels Gorm (Projektdeltager)

Ship engines are subject to a very demanding work environment, where maximum availability is a must. In this project we look at different operational variables of a marine engine from large cargo ships, with the aim of detecting and trending damage onset on different engine sub-components. This information can be used by owners to expedite O&M interventions and maximize ship availability.

Aalborg Universitet / 2023
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Marine Structures: Future Trends and the Role of Universities

Pedersen, Preben Terndrup

This paper emphasizes some of the challenges and trends associated with the future development of marine structures. Its main focus is on ways to improve the efficiency of energy-consuming ships, and on design challenges related to energy-producing offshore structures. This paper also discusses the analysis tools that are most needed to enable sustainable designs for future ships and offshore structures. The last section of the paper contains thoughts on the role of universities in education, research, and innovation regarding marine structures. It discusses curriculum requirements for maritime-technology education, basic research activities, and international cooperation.

Engineering, Volume 1, Issue 1 / 2015
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