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Norden Rundt – Dampskibsselskabet Norden 1871-2021

Iversen, Martin Jes

In 2021 DS Norden celebrated its 150 years anniversary. In this book Martin Jes Iversen is analyzing the history of the shipping company which is one of the oldest in Denmark. In the first 50 years after being founded in 1871, Norden was a pioneer firm in Danish shipping. This period was followed by five decades of financial stability and gradual stagnation. But in the early 1990s the firm started its journey to become one of the leading firms in the global dry-bulk market. As the world experienced technological, economical and political changes, Norden would also change. Some of these changes were incremental. Others were more abrupt. But they were never predictable.

Lindhardt & Ringhof / 2021
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The NORDEN voyage

Martin Jes Iversen

The Danish shipping company Norden celebrated its 150th anniversary in February 2021. Norden is today the second largest Danish shipping company operating app. 375 vessels within the dry bulk and the product tanker segments.

How and why was Norden able to exploit the global growth opportunities, and which internal and external challenges did Norden face on this dramatic voyage?

In this video, Associate Professor Martin Jes Iversen (Copenhagen Business School) will present and analyze the recent development of Norden from around year 2000 to the present days. The video was developed in collaboration with MARLOG.

April / 2021
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