Keyword: microgrids


Microgrids at large ports

Spaniol, Matthew J.

The transition of the North Sea Region’s maritime and offshore industries toward a sustainable“Blue Growth” future is driven by incentives to unlock new growth areas, develop and apply new technologies, and increase productivity. The development and utilization of microgrids provides an opportunity to accomplish these goals. The rapid development in infrastructure and the trend toward the electrification of the seas has provided a context for growth, and microgrids pose a moduleto couple to existing infrastructure; a retrofit to improve the utilization of renewable energy sources. This report presents the outcome and analysis of a survey taken by 22 respondents. Respondents expect microgrids at large ports to emerge in 10 years and respondents rated the business potential at 3,77/5. Political factors are mentioned by most responses (40%), followed by social (30%), economic (16%), and technological factors (14%).

Periscope / 2020
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