Keyword: green transition


Collaborating for Green: Towards an Ecosystem Configuration of the Maritime Industry

Rosa Maria Klöser, Leonardo Santiago

Reduction of carbon emissions is a societal challenge that demands concerted efforts. The maritime industry is no exception. This paper takes an ecosystem perspective and considers the question of how to enact the green transition of the maritime industry and explore the barriers and enablers of that goal. To this end, we conduct an exploratory case-study to investigate the maritime value chain by focusing on 9 major stakeholders and conducting more than 20 interviews. Our study reveals four continuous enablers and two essential enablers to establishing a functional green maritime ecosystem.

The 29th EurOMA International Annual Conference 2022: Brilliance in Resilience: Operations and Supply Chain Management’s Role in Achieving a Sustainable Future - Berlin, Germany / 2022
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Grøn omstilling i Det blå Danmark: Værdier og normer for handling

Perle Møhl Jakob Krause-Jensen Bettina Skårup, Danmark

Rapporten præsenterer resultaterne af forskningsprojektet "Værdier og Normer for Grøn Omstilling i Det Blå Danmark", der har undersøgt de kulturelle og sociale betingelser, som medlemmer i branchen oplever enten understøtter eller står i vejen for grøn omstilling i den danske skibsfart og de tilknyttede sektorer og organisationer.

Aarhus Universitet / 2022
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