Keyword: energy islands


Optimal placement of P-2-X facility in conjunction with Bornholm energy island: Preliminary overview for an immediate decarbonisation of maritime transport

Singlitico, Alessandro; Campion, Nicolas Jean Bernard; Münster, Marie; Koivisto, Matti Juhani; Cutululis, Nicolaos Antonio; Suo, Cathy Jingqing; Karlsson, Kenneth; Jørgensen, Torben; Waagstein, Jeppe Eimose ; Bendtsen, Maja F.

Bornholm plays a central role in the future offshore power expansion in the
Baltic Sea and as a node between future interconnections between countries. The
necessity to store/convert surplus power puts Bornholm in position to be the first
natural energy hub. Bornholm can be not only the centre for electrical equipment
such as substations but also a centre for P-2-X production from offshore wind power.
The production of electrofuels through P-2-X technologies can penetrate the
transport sector in Bornholm, the hardest to decarbonise, starting with the highspeed ferries to Ystad and Køge, which use in Rønne Havn as their base. The
needs to comply with existing and imminent stricter regulations create the
necessity for an immediate transition, before a fleet renewal. Therefore, this study
investigates the conversion of the hydrogen, produced using offshore wind
electricity, into methanol, whose use as a fuel is mature and does not require
substantial changes to the fleet.

Technical University of Denmark / 2020
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