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ShipWeldFlow – Digital Twins to enable more digitization & robotization on shipyards

Christian Schlette

In this video, Professor Christian Schlette (SDU Robotics) talks about the IFD-funded project ShipWeldFlow, where they develop novel digital analysis and optimization tools to support the workflow of robotic welding in shipbuilding operations. They use Digital Twins to address the needs of two companies, Odense Maritime Technology and Inrotech, by the joint development of the required digital tools to innovate the central workflow in modern steel ship production. Based on the Digital Twins, we aim for tackling the essential questions of how shipyard investments in robotic welding solutions can increase efficiency and reduce costs of producing a given ship design, how ship redesigns can lead to material and waste reduction, and how robotic welding solutions can be improved to yield better welding performance for customer-specific ship designs. The session was developed in collaboration with MARLOG.

May / 2021
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