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Digital Ship Operations – Engine & Equipment Performance

Avendaño-Valencia, Luis David (Projektdeltager)Asimakopoulos, Ioannis (Projektdeltager)Rytter, Niels Gorm (Projektdeltager)

Ship engines are subject to a very demanding work environment, where maximum availability is a must. In this project we look at different operational variables of a marine engine from large cargo ships, with the aim of detecting and trending damage onset on different engine sub-components. This information can be used by owners to expedite O&M interventions and maximize ship availability.

Aalborg Universitet / 2023
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Road to Shipyard 4.0: The state of play, a brief history of maritime developments, and a future roadmap Focusing on the Baltic Sea and Shipyards

Spaniol, Matt; Lappalainen, Otto; Ehlers, Valdemar; Karvonen, Taipo; Karlsson, Jussi; Nåfors, Daniel; Piiroinen, Aki; Sutnikas, Andrius; Valtanen, Juha

The report is organized as follows. The introduction will lay out the current state-of-play of eco-efficiency and the zeitgeist of the current situation on maritime that we find ourselves in, in 2020. The next section will provide some historical context looking back to 2010 and 2000 to trace the trajectory and developmental course that we are on. The core contribution of this report is the Shipyard 4.0 Roadmap, that can be found in Figure 1 on page 9. This illustration plots the expectations for technological capabilities and policy from 2020 to 2030. The descriptions of the elements of the roadmap are provided in Appendix 1.

Ecoprodigi Report / 2020
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