World Maritime Technology Conference 2022

apr 2022

World Maritime Technology Conference 2022

On 26 April from 2 pm to 4 pm Maritime Research Alliance organized an interactive seminar on the future of maritime at the World Maritime Technology Conference.


Predictions for the future of maritime

In this interactive seminar, Maritime Research Alliance invited participants from all over the maritime world to be part of a discussion on the future of maritime.

We first assessed a number of historical predictions and explore what we have learned since they were made.

Then we  forecasted a number of contemporary predictions in order to realign our expectations for the future.

Finally, we put forth a number of new predictions for maritime.

The session was be moderated by Assistant Professor Matthew J. Spaniol from Roskilde University and Project Manager Thomas Roslyng Olesen from the Maritime Research Alliance.

Photo: Matt Spaniol facilitating the workshop at WMTC