Ports as Ecosystems: Enabling the green transition

mar 2023

Ports as Ecosystems: Enabling the green transition

The Maritime Research Alliance, in collaboration with Danske Havne, Danske shipping- og havnevirksomheder and the mPATH-project, hosted an interactive workshop where some of the top port researchers in Denmark, industry stakeholders, and ports came together to discuss and pair the concrete needs of the industry with academic expertise and the newest research within the field of port-city interaction and the green transition. We ended the day with concrete project ideas that we could then take further.



The area of the port has always played an important role in relation to the nearby city and the development of the shipping industry. New trends and technologies affect ports, and they need to be ready to manage and benefit from these developments. At this highly interactive workshop, we will focus on the port-city ecosystem and interaction, the use of ports as an integral part of green corridors focusing on collaboration to reach the green transition, energy grids, decarbonization, and the regulative framework surrounding the port. It is important that ports become an enabler, not a bottleneck, for new initiatives, and during this workshop, we will meet industry needs with academic expertise


In Danish Ports, we find this workshop very important as it facilitates a better understanding of ports as ecosystems and their relationship with the nearby city regarding the green transition and regulation. We support Maritime Research Alliance in bridging industry needs and academic expertise in the development of concrete projects and knowledge sharing 
– Camilla Rosenhagen, Head of Climate and Environment, Danske Havne



  • The role of ports in the green transition – challenges and opportunities
  • The port-city relationship
  • Port infrastructure developments
  • Port governance and business models
  • The value of collaborative and interdisciplinary academia-industry projects
  • Optimized navigation and port calls to reduce emissions


10.00-10.10  Welcome and introduction to the day, by Maritime Research Alliance,

Thomas Roslyng Olesen & Nanna Thit

10:10-11:10   Pitch from academia (app 10 min each + immediate Q&A):

  • Governance, Henrik Sornn-Friese (CBS)
  • The port-city relationship, Ida Sofie Gatzche Lange (AAU) Annette Skovsted Hansen (AU) & Petar Sofev (CBS)
  • Green transition, Michele Acciaro (CBS)
  • Reduction of emissions and risk analysis, Igor Kozin (SDU)

11.10-11.20  Short break

11.20-12.40  Pitch from industry (app 10 min each + immediate Q&A)

  • Malthe Mulvad, Public Affairs Lead at CMP
  • Lars Nordahl Lemvigh, Adm. Director, Port of Rønne
  • Jesper Bank, Chief Commercial Officer, Port Esbjerg
  • Andrea Wiholm, Senior Program Manager & Industrial Ph.D. researcher at APM terminals
  • Camilla Rosenhagen, Head of Climate and Environment, Danish Ports
  • Jesper Sebbelin, Chief Advisor, Danish Shipbrokers and Port operators & Henrik Otto Jensen, CEO, NW Group

12.40–12.50      Open discussion

12.50-13.15       Lunch

13.15-13.45       Group discussion 1: 30 min. (select a topic)

13.45-14.15       Group discussion 2: 30 min. (select a topic)

14.15-14.30       Wrap up and next steps


Participants were invited to stay a bit longer after the official program, to discuss their concrete project ideas further and agree on next steps.