About us

About Maritime Research Alliance

Maritime Research Alliance is a non-profit network organization that works to further the collaboration between maritime researchers at the Danish Universities and Maritime Academies.

Specifically, Maritime Research Alliance works to:

(1) coordinate maritime research and education at the Danish Universities and Maritime Academies.

(2) facilitate collaboration between maritime researchers and the business community, legislators, and other researchers.

(3) make Danish maritime research and education visible in Denmark and abroad.

Maritime Research Alliance connects the maritime centres and maritime researchers from:

o Copenhagen Business School (CBS Maritime)
o IT University
o Roskilde University (Center for maritim og marin forskning)
o Technical University of Denmark (Maritime DTU)
o University of Southern Denmark (Blue SDU)
o University of Copenhagen (Center for virksomhedsansvar & Center for Global Criminology)
o Aarhus University (Strategic Foresight Research Network)
o Aalborg University (Center for Logistics & Center for Maritime Technology and Innovation)

Maritime Research Alliance is funded by the Danish Maritime Fund.